The Mist Opportunity

The grinning face loomed over the candlelit table, its yellowed teeth resembling those of a shark. Its owner spoke conspiratorially, "It's an old crumbling house on the Imperial frontier. A wreck but what the land lacks in quality it makes up for in quantity. There's also a wealth of old treasures my uncle collected before the... before his heart failed him. Even if there's naught of real value there's enough for my needs, and a tidy commission for you."
Under his comically wide-brimmed hat the other conspirator frowned, thinking over the logistics of the matter. Then he spoke nervously, "What about the old hag? She'll object."
"She can object all she likes," the grinning face laughed, "The law is on our side, though a piece of paper only gets one so far with family. We'll need some muscle... to move things along if you take my meaning. Think of it as an exorcism of sorts."
The hat nodded in understanding after a moment's thought, "We'll have to keep this off the books as much as possible, avoid the usual Marienburg guilds. I know - they won't be happy if word gets out we're recruiting through other means, but we need to bring in a group of outsiders."

The Mist Opportunity is a fan adventure designed as an introduction to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition. It's set in the Wasteland, starting in the bustling port of Marienburg and moving to the Imperial frontier, though if you're attached to the default setting of the Reikland it should be relatively easy to adapt (or just come on a daytrip to Marienburg, the water's excellent!)

It started off as a simple scenario idea, but has ballooned into quite the manuscript, complete with original full illustrations, maps and handouts. It even has a sequel planned, if it is popular enough.

When it's released, it'll be a totally free PDF to download (though if you want to make a donation to the Perilous Realm (suggested $1-$5) you'll be able to, and there'll be a few special perks for that.