The Age of the Thousand Thrones

In a dark bloody age of daemons and of sorcery, at the heart of the Old World sprawls the Empire of Man, the most populous of human realms forged by Sigmar, its first Emperor who then ascended to Godhood. It has always been beset by the threat of Chaos, be it hidden agents that lurk within, or the daemons and beastmen corrupted by the foul powers of the Dark Gods. The Empire has always stood firm against this threat, and even agaimst Chaos's champions who seek the mantle of Everchosen and Lord of the End Times.

The latest Everchosen was Archaon, the Three Eyed King, who wielded the Relics of Chaos with the favour all four of the Ruinous Gods of Chaos. Uniting the disparate cacophony of chaos beneath his banner, this unprecendented horde swept south, laying waste to all and sundry in what was dubbed the Storm of Chaos. As city after city burned and the northern empire became a blackened wasteland the people began to despair.

The High Priest of Sigmar, Grand Theogonist Volkmar, raised an army to confront Archaon and was slain the people despaired. A weak-willed successor, Johann Esmer, replaced him. It seemed there was little hope for the folk of the Empire.

Hope did come in the form of a simple farmer's boy gifted with immense charisma, strength and power. Valten the Exalted, the reincarnation of the God Emperor Sigmar, was marked by the twin-tailed comet of Sigmar. His leadership turned the tide, returning the forces of light to the offensive.

The final peal of the storm took place at the fortress city of Middenheim, where hosts of light and dark fought for dominance. Valten fought the Three-Eyed King in single combat. A treacherous blow from the Three Eyed King sundered Valten's breastplate, revealing the sign of the twin-taild comet. As Archaon stood aghast at the sign of the God he had cast aside he was laid low by one of his more ambitious lieutenants, and fled the field.

Laid at death's door by his general, the wounded Valten vanished in the night. Some say he will return when he is needed, others that he was slain by the Ruinous Powers or by the dissolute nobles of the Empire that he saved. Now the people cast about, looking for a new hero...