WFRP 2nd Edition

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Cast of Characters

Siegfried, a soldier by played by Ollie.

Ludmilla, a Kislevite hedge wizardress played by Ed.

Thraillor, an elven dilettante, played by John.

Horatio, an initiate of Sigmar, played by Chris.

Ulric, a hunter new to the Fellowship, played by Dan.

Bretz, a dwarven watchman, formerly played by Dominic and now the plaything of the GM.

Night of Blood: Forced by beastmen to take sanctuary at the Hooded Man inn the fellows discovered the inn staff had been replaced by mutants and cultists. Unable to stop their fell ritual, or prevent the escape of the ringleader, Hans - a man disguised as a roadwarden, the companions were nearly slain by the resultant summoned daemon, but luck prevailed.

Eureka: Encountering the ghost of a roadwarden the fellows traveled to Volgen, but had to return to the site of the Hooded Man to find the hand of the dead roadwarden and his ring. The ghost has bonded to Ludmilla and occassionally appears to her. It's name is Johann.

The ring led the fellows to eccentric inventor Kugelschrieber. Agreeing to help the inventor against some local ruffians Brett was gifted a spring-loaded scabbard for his sword, while several of the fellows tried the inventor's healing tonic. Unfortunately while it was quite effective against injury it had an unexpected side-effect on elven metabolisms...

After discovering the thugs who were threatening Kugelschrieber were in fact the city watch, and having to break Horatio out of jail with the aid of the ghostly Johann after he submitted to arrest during this revelation, the fellows had to flee the city using the inventor's glider while he and his manservant risked a submersible, but not before they learned that the ring they had shown the inventor had indeed been made by him, and two of them had been delivered to the Inn of the Three Feathers.

Inn of the Three Feathers: Too much to recount happened in the fellow's at this road-side coaching inn as they waited for Kugelschrieber. However by morning they learned from the bounty hunter Ulrika a lot about the provenence of the ring they carried and that perhaps Johann was in fact not a mere roadwarden, but a disguised member of the Reiksguard. They also took up with the Gravin of Ambosstein, who needed a champion to fight her part in a legal matter in Delberez.

One Minute to Morr: Siegfried, acting as champion to the Gravine mortally wounded his opponent and it seemed won the favour of the local nobility. Meanwhile Ludmilla discovered Johann's severed hand has begun to take on a life of its own and tried to escape their inn.

During tbe high-class celebrations of Siegfried's victory he was summoned to a private audience with a nobleman - none other than their old enemy, Hans! However Hans had taken precautions and a piece of parchment he had arranged to be given to the illiterate Siegfried paralyzed him. He made some cryptic remarks and left.

Returning to his residence Siegfried discovered the parchment was a list of names. At the stroke of 11 he was attacked by a daemon within his inn room. However as the fellows tried to marshal a defence the beast disappeared, vowing vengeance within an hour. Now the fellows have but one hour to solve the conundrum of the list before the demon returns! Thankfully the group had the use of one of the Gravine's coachmen and were able to track down the cult and put paid to them!

Slaves of Destiny: Fleeing Delberez after murdering the cult the heroes followed Johann's hand to the town of Dotternbach. Finding a warren of escaped skaven slaves and putting paid to them the heroes were forced to defend the town against an incursion by the skaven masters. A skaven sorcerer used zombies against the heroes - including the body of the slain Johann.