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The Irongate Project is a website by Denis Tetrault, Gary Holian and Erik Mona. Over the years the "Triad of Irongate" have released information about the City of Stairs on this website and in articles in Dragon Magazine. The website includes a map of the city, a sparse overview and information on the geology of the region (including photos designed to give a feel for the lush Headlands of the region). Some of this material is incorporated into the Onnwal Project. is the Living Greyhawk page for the Kingdom of Sunndi, a fellow Iron League member that has been sufficiently fortunate to avoid the fates of Onnwal, Nyrond and Idee. Maps and a mini-gazetteer are available on this excellent website. is the home of Greyhawk miscellania. A vast mausoleum of (sometimes contradictory or heretical) posts and musings on all aspects of the World of Greyhawk it contains posts by all manner of luminaries, including Erik Mona, Gary Holian, Paul Looby and Creighton Broadhurst.

The Oerth Journal is the definitive fanzine for the World of Greyhawk with articles by Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz among those gracing their pages.

The Thorns of Tassek were a company that were active in the Living Greyhawk campaign. Their website contains information about their company and their adventures.

The World of Greyhawk Comic is a humorous site that contains many jokes relating to the World of Greyhawk and its deities.

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