The Onnwal Project



Shadows Under Scant - this is a prequel module written by Creighton Broadhurst for AD&D 2nd Edition. It was written for tournament play and has pregenerated characters.

Volume 1: Travels in A Times Of War - From the dungeons of Scant to the court of the Szek! The first volume of the Onnwal campaign features Escape from Scant, the first adventure in Onnwal, and continues with a festival in Sornhill and portentious omens in the court of Jian Destron.

  1. Chapter 1: Escape from Scant by Creighton Broadhurst
  2. Chapter 2: The Tryst by Stuart Kerrigan - coming soon!
  3. Chapter 3: The Festival by Brian Hudson and Paul Looby

Volume 2: The Lines of War - Crossing swords with the traitor of Sornhill, travelling across the surviving lands of the Iron League on diplomatic missions and sailing through the Scarlet Brotherhood blockade to save the town of Longbridge in this second volume in the Onnwal campaign thrusts the heroes into the very center of the War of Liberation.(coming soon!)

  1. Chapter 5: The Scarlet Straits by Paul Looby and Stuart Kerrigan
  2. Chapter 6: Any Port in a Storm by Paul Looby and Stuart Kerrigan

Volume 3: The Splintered Sun - The Glaives of Azharadian were once the flower of chivalry in Onnwal. Now the blades of assassins have not only slain many of the Order of the Golden Sun but have also severed the fraternal bonds of the knighthood. One of their number is responsible, but who is it? (coming soon!)

Volume 4: Prophecy and Prognostication - Who is the prophet Tarnedas and what message of doom does he bring upon the Free State of Onnwal? (coming soon!)

Volume 5: The Darkness Below - Who is the dark warrior of the Headlands? What is the dreamtwin and how does it tie into the Dreaming Gyre? Will Scant finally fall to the Army of Rebellion? (coming soon!)

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