The Onnwal Project


Onnwal - where the Greyhawk Wars have never ended.

Before the Wars the Onnwalese were a proud people, protected by their formidable natural defences and powerful navy. These defences availed them naught however as the Scarlet Brotherhood assassinated the Szek, Elverd Destron, and took Scant from within. Onnwal, or the Dragonshead as the peninsula it lies on is known is either the ‘Free State of Onnwal’ or the ‘Obedient State of Onnwal’ depending on whether it is a free man or thrall that you ask.

The occupation of Onnwal by the Scarlet Brotherhood is a grim affair. Those of Suel descent have been taken to participate in the Brotherhood’s selective breeding programme. Kuranyie, the Brotherhood’s appointed ruler of the region, has taken hostages, one from each family, to use as a safeguard to prevent their relatives fleeing. She is not unopposed. Onnwal is now wracked by vicious civil war and two men are thorns in the Exalted Sister's side.

Rakehell Chert, adventurer and master thief, was warned of her intent and escaped Scant before it fell. His gang of thieves, the Wreckers, are the most effective resistance to the Brotherhood. Jian Destron, son of the slain szek, lives and is now de-facto szek. He has gathered noble and commonfolk to his banner while in exile in Nessermouth in the Kingdom of Nyrond.

In seeking to free the land from the repression of the Brotherhood these two men of differing station have forged a resistance consisting of the high and low of the country and these quarrelsome factions must attempt to put aside their differences to defeat the common enemy. They have liberated most of the countryside of Onnwal, as well as many of the townships and villages. The Brotherhood’s hobgoblin soldiery and Hepmonaland warriors hold the impregnable city of Scant. Brotherhood warships still control the Gearnat Straits.

Heavy skirmishing now takes place in the hills. The focal point of the war of liberation is Osprem’s Light, a heavily fortified temple complex that commands the approaches to Notxia Bay and the newly liberated town of Sornhill itself. Lastly, in the tors and canyons of the Headlands, a fell and shadowy threat grows, while the ancient rivalry between the pious dwarves and the Flannae Headlanders erupts once more into open war.

The Project

This website is intended as a resource for Greyhawkers interested in running a campaign set in Onnwal. It contains material originally intended for use in the Living Greyhawk campaign but now for the first time available in the public domain.

A detailed gazetteer gives you the low-down on all the secrets of Onnwal - including the full story of the evils that lurk in the Headlands and the traitors that lurk within the walls of the Free State.

Maps of the Dragonshead and its towns and city allow you to walk the streets of Sornhill, Killdeer or even fallen Scant.

Classic scenarios adapted from the Living Greyhawk campaign that takes heroes from the dungeons of Scant to the court of the Szek and arm them to face the horrors that stir in the Headlands.

A discussion of the behind the scenes history of the scenarios and gazetteer.

Links to other Greyhawk sites.